AZSCA thanks all entrants who participated in the 2018 Logo Design Competition.

The calibre of the entries demonstrates there is considerable creative design talent amongst our members.

We applaud their effort, enthusiasm and positive response. 

The AZSCA Logo Design Group has shortlisted six entries and awarded the following prizes based on the criteria for the competition.

First prize: Zita Lau
Second prize: Angela Poon

Zita and Angela will both be receiving a cash reward and Certificate of Accomplishment.

The other participants will be receiving prize souvenirs and Certificates of Appreciation.

AZSCA members and participants are warmly invited to attend our 35th Anniversary Dinner Celebration on 18th May 2019.

At this time the presentation of the Entries and Awards of the 2018 Logo Design Competition results will be made.

John Lock – Logo Design Group Leader

 28th February 2019

December Announcement:-

The 2018 AZSCA logo competition will finish on 31st December 2018.
The results of the competition will be announced later on our website after adjudication.
We are heartily grateful to those members who participated in the competition last year.

本會2018 會徽(章)設計比賽活動 巳經在31-12-2018結束, 所有作品一經裁判小組評審後, 結果